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Did Motorola pull a fast one on Google with its sell off?

Today comes an article that basically says that Google didn’t do its homework (do they have a Beta Legal Team too?) and spend out the nose for some pretty useless Motorola Mobility patents and a sliding business.  It is interesting that every Android OEM toed the company line and basically issued a Google-penned statement of support for the acquisition.

"It’s an immense mistake," Martin says in an interview on Bloomberg, referring to Google’s blockbuster $12.5 billion patent acquisition of Motorola Mobility. "What they’ve bought is crap. Motorola [had already] sold off its good assets. Back in the early years, Motorola sold off some MPEG patents to GE … After that, they took a bunch of the Freescale patents and sold those off. [Motorola’s current patent estate, which Google is trying to buy,] actually has a huge dependency on Freescale, and Freescale actually has an Apple link."

To read the full, excellent article by Paul Thurrott click the link below.

Google Craps Its Pants


Source: Paul Thurrott via Matt Rosoff of Business Insider