I saw the press release and just kept doing a double take. Yup, that’s a full QWERTY keyboard right there and it’s not sliding out. I sort of appreciate it after seeing such an extreme move away from physical keyboards. So what does it offer? 3.1” screen; 1ghz processor; 4gb memory (2gb internal, 2gb removable)  Flash 10.1; 5mp camera with dual led flash (noted as DVD quality – not sure what resolution they mean), Froyo 2.2, DNLA and it’s a global phone working in 220 countries and it’s coming to Verizon “in the coming weeks”. Pricing isn’t announced yet.

I like this as an email/text heavy device. You?

If you’re interested the complete press release is here.


  1. I definately favorite phones with a full physical keyboard. sometimes a big screen is too big. I feel like phones have a tendency to be alot snappier when the screen isnt so large and the resolution isnt maxed out.

  2. agreed, ive put my aria next to my friends captivate and all that extra processor speed gets eaten right up by the size and resolution of that screen, my aria is consistently faster changing from screen to screen among other things. and both of these are unrooted out of the box phones.

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