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Droid Pro Announced – Froyo In A Blackberry Style

I saw the press release and just kept doing a double take. Yup, that’s a full QWERTY keyboard right there and it’s not sliding out. I sort of appreciate it after seeing such an extreme move away from physical keyboards. So what does it offer? 3.1” screen; 1ghz processor; 4gb memory (2gb internal, 2gb removable)  Flash 10.1; 5mp camera with dual led flash (noted as DVD quality – not sure what resolution they mean), Froyo 2.2, DNLA and it’s a global phone working in 220 countries and it’s coming to Verizon “in the coming weeks”. Pricing isn’t announced yet.

I like this as an email/text heavy device. You?

If you’re interested the complete press release is here.