If you know Pumpkin Smash then Easter Smash will be familiar from you. Easter Smash is from Glowpuff who has a lot of hits in the Windows phone Marketplace and this one is a defense game where you need to defend your Easter Eggs. Just check it out in action:

It’s fast paced and has beautiful graphics  and tons of varying elements to keep things going. Here’s the official description:

Easter Smash is the sequel to last year’s "smash" hit, Pumpkin Smash! The evil Dr. Genius has built a robot army, and he’s trying to use it to steal Cottontail Rabbit’s eggs. Launch an assortment of egg attacks against the robot horde. 30 levels of egg flinging mayhem! 5 epic boss battles against devious robotic creations! 12 different robots to battle, each with their own weaknesses! Can you help Cottontail Rabbit protect the Easter eggs?

+Charming hand drawn graphics and animation

+30 levels of increasingly challenging battles

+Normal and Easy mode for each level

+Attack with Plasma eggs, EMP eggs, and more!

+12 different robot types, each with unique weaknesses

+5 epic boss battles against Dr. Genius’s robot army

+Score Combos and Multi-Kills for bonus points and extra egg rewards

+Full musical soundtrack

All this and it’s free. You can get it here and be prepared for Easter.