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Ematic Announces New Android Tablet the EM63

I’ve never had the chance to play with an Ematic tablet, but wouldn’t mind it as I like to try everything. I’ve had good experiences with all types of tablets and I’ve had bad ones, you just never know what you’re going to get. Just because you pay top dollar for a tablet from a name brand company doesn’t mean you’re going to get a great tablet really. At least that’s my experience with it. Anyway, Ematic has just announced a new 7” tablet called the EM63 and it’s colorful, you can pick from pink, black, red, purple or even blue. The tablet is priced at only $89.99 and it’s actually got some decent specs like running Android 4.1 with a 1.5ghz dual core CPU with 1gb ram and 4gb storage with 5gb of cloud storage as well. You can of course use a microSD for even more room for your stuff. More details below for you..


Ematic expands its line of HD tablets with the EM63, a 7” Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Dual Core tablet for improved productivity, faster web browsing, and optimal performance.  This powerful tablet boasts Google Play for access to more than one million popular apps, and will keep you connected to your business, personal and mobile life anytime, anywhere.

“We want to bring a professional tablet experience to our consumers at an affordable price point.  The EM63 meets the needs of those looking for high end specs while staying wallet-friendly,” says Roy Rayn, President of Ematic.  “Our top priority is to deliver desirable features, and we’ve definitely accomplished that with the EM63.”

Packed with power, the EM63 is loaded with a 1.5GHz dual core processor with a multi-core GPU so you can get the most out of your apps and features.  You can also store all your important documents, multimedia and more with the tablet’s ample memory.  Users can enjoy 1GB RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and 5GB of included cloud storage.  Additionally, a microSD slot adds an extra 32GB of storage. 

Movies and slideshows will come to life on the 7” 1024×600 (169ppi) screen with crystal clear images.  The tablet’s HD video player supports up to 1080p HD videos.  The EM63 also features HDMI mirroring so you can connect the tablet to your big screen TV for the ultimate gaming or movie-watching experience.  A front camera makes it easy to video chat with friends and family all over the world. 

Experience Google Play, and browse through more than one million popular apps that’ll keep you entertained for hours.  The media content platform is home to the world’s largest selection of eBooks (5+ million), movie rentals, and you can even store up to 20,000 songs for free.  Users can also check out magazines, TV shows and games with this hub of entertainment.  Finally, Google NowTM offers you the right information at the right time by sending reminders at the moment you need them.  It uses location data and search history to predict what you may need to get through your day (i.e. movie times, plane tickets etc).

The Ematic EM63 retails for $89.99 at, and other fine etailers. It is available in black, red, pink, purple, and blue.