Well I don’t know how many of you know about the Facebook presentation today but here is what has come of it.  and users get updated applications.  Live right now in our respective stores.  What’s new you ask? 

What’s New In This Version:
– Groups: share photos and posts with small groups of friends
– Deals: discover great deals around you
– Places: tag more friends after you check in, add photos
– Various bug fixes

Now I do use Facebook to keep up with family and friends across the globe but I haven’t really used Places all that much.  So I’m not sure how much more value I’ll get from the new Deals API but hey more is better in my opinion.  I know Facebook is one of my daily used apps and I’m sure it is for much of our audience.  I also recently kicked a raging Mafia Wars addiction that still holds some of our team hostage.  Let us know how it’s working for your and what you think of the new Deals section.


  1. Thats great that they can take time to update apps that were already working in the meantime windows mobile app hasnt worked since late september…..THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. in android, now when you click on a notification, it doesnt switch to the web browser, ask you log in if you hadnt already, which why would you log into facebook twice, thats what the app is for, then error because it doesnt actually give you the correct link. now it just stays in the app and opens the thread upon which it had notified you, how hard was that to do in the first place?

  3. @Ed D. I think your right. MS has now put all of their mobile minions to task on WP7. Their mobile future depends on this new mobile OS and I for one and really interested in seeing where this whole OS war takes us. Consumers can only win. Well consumers that are not stuck holding a red headed step child OS.

  4. My apps of facebook on my iPod touch has stopes working and it says waiting for update but hasn’t do anything . How can I fix it?

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