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Siri makes an appearance on an iPhone 3GS [Jailbreak]

For all those with shiny a new iPhone 4S, you may be like me and have not had the urge to Jailbreak it yet because of how nice it runs right out of the box. BTW, there was an untethered Jailbreak  released today for iOS 5.0 that I will get to here shortly. Back on point. iOS jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has just released a video of Siri running on his iPhone 3GS that  should bring hope to the masses holding on to their 3GS waiting on the iPhone 5.

Ryan is the developer of Activator, a very popular Cydia app that adds customizable gestures to apps. Ryan has also said that he is working on integrating Activator with Siri. Very cool stuff! Check out the video below.







[via Cult of Mac]