Ed Bott did something we’re not used to on these here interwebs- fact checking. After all of the faux outrage over free disc space on the Surface Pro, he checked what’s available on the MBA with the same specs. So you know, the Surface ships with the recovery saved on the hard drive but you can move it to USB if you want so that’s why there are two entries. Conclusion:

Here’s the tl;dr version. The MacBook Air 128 gives you 77.3 percent of the advertised storage space for user data. The Surface Pro 128 gives you 75.2 percent of its advertised capacity for storing data. And with one minor tweak that doesn’t affect the system’s capabilities in any way, you can increase the amount of data storage space on the Surface Pro to 81.8% of the advertised capacity.

Surface Pro vs MacBook Air


Yeah now everyone go yell at Apple and start your lawsuits or just crawl back under your rocks.

Good work Ed.


  1. so in conclusion, if apple was to make a 64gb MacBook air, it would have the same amount of storage as the surface? Good… now everyone can SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  2. No! No! No! No! No!
    Not true… no way this is true. Because if that were true that would mean MS isn’t a bumbling out of touch, albeit insanely successful company.

    How dare someone actually go find out some facts… Apple does not need nor rely on facts to succeed.

  3. I’d imagine that most of the outrage is the paltry amount of storage left over with the 64GB version. I’d definitely not go for the 64GB version but then again i’d never let $100 difference deter me from choosing the 128 GB version.

    I don’t understand why the blogosphere hasn’t simply suggested getting a MicroSD card for cheap to make up the difference. Why doesn’t Microsoft get props for including expandable storage on the Surface RT and Surface Pro like phones do when they include it.

    Another way to hush people is for Microsoft to include a free 16GB MicroSD card for a limited time. Generate good press.

  4. Phew, for a second I thought the Surface was doomed to sell very poorly, but now that some math geniuses explained how, as is plainly stated on Apple’s website, Apple likes to round up in their bits/bytes/gigabytes math and Microsoft doesn’t. Those scoundrels.

    So obviously the Surface will take off now once word gets out. Then everybody, all the haters, can finally shut up about the shitty battery life and how it’s a “compromise” and a mixture of the downsides of laptops and tablets that no one is buying it and also how “everyone’s giving it horrible reviews.” People will stop doing that crap, and start buying Microsoft mobile products, in light of this apparent fact that the 128MB MacBook Air’s storage breaks down similarly.

    Any word on how this math applies to the 64GB Macbook Air and the 64GB Surface Pro which has 35% space available out of the box (… at least, before you make a bootable flash drive — do you know how to do that David? — and move the recovery partition to it, then resize the main partition and disable hibernation and yada yada)?

    Kudos for the enthusiasm!

    • Sort of a different point no? The Surface is being smeared for a lack of storage and the reporting has been off on it. The sales of it should live and die by the product . But this misinformation on the storage is like smearing a candidate before a primary.

      • Perhaps they smeared themselves, or inviting further smearing, by making the 64GB Pro in the first place and by not releasing this 128GB Surface Pro ahead of the RTs? Maybe? They didn’t exactly price these things to move either, an odd thing not to do when you’re desperately trying to break your way into this market (creating a kind of a new market, actually, for which no demand seems to exist).

        No one gives a shit how the 128GB Pro stacks up against a Macbook in terms of who’s bullshitting less, though 35% of implied free capacity actually being free of the other Surface Pro, and trying to pass off 23GB free for a PC as sufficient to try to sell in 2013, does make a few headlines. I can see why you’re all still defensive, how this is a sore spot for you.

      • How come the reply thing doesn’t show under your name? Oh well…if you’ve been watching MS isnt trying to sell. And by that I mean if you look at what they’re doing they are trying to make noise and bring light to Win8 and new forma of tablets running it. Remember they decided to not sell these in stores on day 1 and to not release the Pro until after the holidays. They are walking a thin line of not alienating the OEMs. That’s also why they are pricing as a premium product…you know, unlike Google who is selling a tablet at or below cost and pissing off their partners. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

      • Oh I see, so they’re deliberately trying to flop softly enough to continue sideways perpetually in a quasi-flop state with all their mobile ventures. Just sort of failing under the radar.


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