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Apple sells you three iPads in one year. o_0


Your honor, the dates please:

“The NEW iPad” March 2012

The new NEW iPad 4” November 2012

The things Steve Jobs swore would a waste of time iPad mini” November 2012.

Grab your pitch forks and matches, its time to get upset! But before I start hanging fruit out to dry, lets approach this from another angle, perhaps it could offer some sort of Band-Aid to the madness!

Microsoft’s Windows Vista was released January 2007. During this time, Apple still insisted on fooling the world into thinking they could produce a competitive desktop OS. Instead of letting the product speak for itself (and it couldn’t,) they decided to attack Vista with a brilliant marketing blitz known as “I’m a mac, I’m a PC.” Please, excuse the fact that you’ve never seen another silly commercial like it since the launch of Windows 7, but make no mistake, those ads did damage! The world over had something to say about Vista, and none of it was good.

Windows 7 was then released, a stronger, faster and more refined version of Windows Vista, but, it was Windows Vista at heart none the less. Windows 7 was introduced to the market October 2009. Windows 7 and all its brilliance was received with a cold shoulder, things like “sure its faster and better, but they rushed it to market to make use forget about Vista.” Interestingly enough, the same genius at large who could make a statement like that never really could understand how Windows 7 couldn’t be so great if Vista itself was great. Or even, Windows 7 was not rushed to market, it was right on development cycle schedule. See, vista was the turn of a cycle, a new kernel, a new core; Once that was done, knocking out the incremental iterations of that foundation would be easier, no, they couldn’t understand that. All they knew, was Windows Vista sucked, and Windows 7 was released “early” to make us forget about Vista.

Well then, today, I would like to apply this logic where it is best suited. Apple takes it upon themselves to release a new iteration of a full sized iPad only months after the previous version was released. They made a whole lot of noise about how fast “the new iPad” was and how much of a game changer it was. They even called it “the new iPad,” just so you could understand it was nothing like the old one (it was everything like the old one….) Could it be, Apple rushed the iPad 4 to market to make us forget just how bad “the new ipad” was? Humph, well, incremental as “the new iPad” was, it wasn’t that bad, in fact it was still ahead of everything considered to be in its category by far. Wait, now I’m confused. If it wasn’t rushed to your living room to make up for a previous mistake, then why is it here too soon?

But the iPad 4 did not arrive without company, it had a brother, a bastard child. See, good ol’ Steve Jobs told us a while back, that a 7 inch tablet was just silly, so I am going to represent the all knowing Jobs in his absence. See, a 7 inch tablet from Apple is just Silly! HA! This only adds to my theory that Steve Jobs was not the leader of Apple, Steve Jobs was the pleaser of Steve Jobs; And now that he is gone, Apple is free to act like Apple and stop pretending to have affiliations to the late great Jobs almighty.

Bashing the ipad mini is not my intent here, I just want to know how YOU feel about the situation. Apple beats Microsoft to death, triggers the pundit army and vicious rumors of erasing mythical mistakes; Then turns around and releases three iPads only months apart (not even the decency to let it be a full year…) and smiles in your face when you walk through the glass door. Nope, no band-aids here! How does that make you feel as a consumer? Do you feel taken advantage of? Are you feeling like less of a sheep and more like the victim being sold a brand new flood damaged BMW?

I would love to apologize if this little piece comes off as condescending, but three iPads in 7 months? I think Apple owes you an apology first.