Don’t know how I missed this one (released on 11/22/10) but guessing it’s because of the lame icon (see right). I thought this was another one of those apps to keep score at the local schoolyard basketball court. Well it’s not. Scores gives you real-time updates for; NFL, MLB, NHL & NBA games. Sorry, non-US sports fans. This is only version 1.0.0 so maybe (hopefully) the future could bring things like college basketball and football. The app is ad supported but that makes it FREE. Took about 20 seconds to find a favored place on my Start screen.

We are going to have to wait for the spring to find out how the MLB works, but here is a rundown of the other three leagues. Generally, the app only has one button ,“Refresh” and a panoramic type view at the top to swipe between leagues. It’s pretty basic in that sense, but what it does it appears to do well, and rather quickly.

NFL – As of tonight, it’s listing the results for the 12/9/10 Colts vs.Titans (sorry Titans fans) game along with the matchups and times for all of the Sunday games. It also has the Monday night game listed. The icon for each team is alongside their name and a small dot indicates the winner of the matchup.

NHL & NBA – Both of these appear to display about the same. All of yesterday’s games (Friday, 12/10/10) along with; completed, games in progress and games that have not yet started today. Each time you move from one league to another the screen refreshes. You can also tap the Refresh icon. The NBA typically displays something like; 4:05 3rd  or Halftime while the NHL will display time remaining or end of 1st or 2nd Period. Interesting that right in the middle of me typing, the NBA screen started showing the schedule for Sunday’s games, along with Friday and Saturday results. Guessing that this get’s triggered by one or more game finals for the current day.

If your device goes to sleep or you power it down, as soon as you open the lock screen the app refreshes and picks up where it left off so nice for keeping track of scores without having to do a lot of swiping and tapping. The app also appears to auto-update every one or two minutes.You can’t drill down for box scores or anything else so as mentioned the app is pretty basic. But if you need to know a score really quick this beats ESPN or any other method and you don’t have to wait till Q1-2011 for ScoreMobile. So head over to Marketplace and pick up “Scores” today.


  1. Holy crap – good find. Guess this means another app install. I may need a second phnoe by the end of the eyar at the rate I’m installing apps ;)

  2. Believe me, I was scanning though tonight and did a WTF. I know I have seen that tile in Marketplace before but simply overlooked it. Couldn’t download it and write the mini-review any faster. It’s got a solid 4 stars so hopefully the dev will be motivated to continue developing.

  3. FINALLY! ive been waiting for an app like this and its been out almost a month! thanks for the heads up!

  4. Looks like another new app in the Marketplace; Sports Scores. LOL Guess I don’t have to change the title of the article. Anyway, this one includes; NCAA Football & Basketball and WNBA aside from the four regulars. There is also an ad-free version for 0.99. Not as polished as ScoreMobile, like no flag for winner, and no next day/last day schedule, except for football, but it does seem to add some info like last goal and point leaders during the game. Maybe these two can fight it out with updates and we get one quality app in a couple weeks. Hey anything is possible.

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