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GyPSii – More Social Networking

I just came across GyPSii for Windows Mobile. It has a lot of elements of other apps out there like Next2Me where it tells you what’s near you but it’s not just based on Goog but also based on other user experiences. It also has a strong social networking component to it so you can add friends,updates your status, etc. I briefly tested it and it’s pretty neat. If you go to News – Places In My Area it finds the spots around you and it did pull up some photos of a bunch of places in my area that was interesting. You can also find other users in your area. And once you find a location you can email, sms or tag that location so you can meet up there. It’s also available for almost every platform out there from iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian and there’s even a Java version. Here’s a little video showing it off:

To learn more you can check out their website here and the easiest way to download it is by directing your phone’s browser to and you can register on your phone. If your friends are using it then join in. I’m not sure you’re going to convince all of your friends that this is better than the alternatives but it’s another way to cross-platform social network and it has a website that you can use on your PC as well. And yes, there appears to be a strong Chinese base to this app which you’ll notice as you start to explore it. And no, I don’t know how to update Twitter or Facebook from the app…I’m sure if there’s a way you guys will figure it out though:)

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