imageFight Control is a popular iPhone game that has a little bit of history when it comes to Windows Mobile. It was actually once a part of Marketplace, then inexplicably pulled and if anyone flashed their ROM after that day they were SOL without an app to install or a refund. Anyway for those of you who never played it, you’re the flight controller and you need to safely land the planes without them crashing. It’s a fairly amusing endeavor. Features include:

• Based on the top selling worldwide hit!
• Ten different aircraft to land
• Four different airfields
• Uncontrollable emergency planes keep you on your toes!
• "Time Control" allows you to slow down the gameplay to avoid crashes

It’s $5.99 and only available for TMo and AT&T as it bills your carrier and only some of the devices are listed (it seems like a pretty out of date list actually). You can check it out on Namco’s website here.

via WMExperts


  1. Hmmm.. I should point out that this game is actually different from the one that was released the first time. I quickly looked at this earlier and assumed that it was the same one, but it’s not. Check out part of this email I got from the company a while back:

    Just to let you know we released some days ago a game to replace our “Flight Commander”. We feared copyright issues and decided to release the game under a new form: “Space commander”.

    -David Hanson, Color Stone

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