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Now you could get your app into Windows Store along with Windows 8 launch

If you are working on Windows 8 App, want to get it into Windows Store, well you don’t have to wait until it is launched. Now you could contact Matt Harrington at his blog and submit your app for review. Make sure you follow the guidelines and follow the certification requirements and your app could make its way into the store as one of the first apps that would be available for your prospective customers to download and install.

Matt says “This is a great opportunity to not only be first to market with your app, but also to get feedback from a Microsoft Services Engineer to make your app great. If you are serious about creating an application, this is a chance that you probably don’t want to pass up.”

This is really a good opportunity to learn, code and submit, get feedback from Microsoft Engineers, nail down the issues and submit the app or apps and make available at the launch of Windows 8.

Also, if you are near or visiting Redmond WA, Denver CO, Chandler AZ or Mountain View CA make sure you get to one of the developer events. The exact dates and registration details you could find at Matt Harrington’s blog.


Source: MSDN Blogs