Just left from AT&T and got some hands on photos. Also chatted with sales rep for 30 minutes or so.

Focus S doesn’t feel cheap & plastic at all. Camera took good pictures ss well. I tried to upload video and pics from the phone directly it was unsuccessful.

The rep has the Galaxy S II Skyrocket but hasn’t even set it up yet. Said LTE is still over a year away.

He said their Windows Phone training has consisted entirely of a few online training modules. Also has clipboard taking notes from me on what’s good about the OS. Let that sink in.

He said that he came from Windows Mobile and that he soured on the Windows brand and didn’t give the phones a fair shake. Now that he has played with the Mango phones he has found stuff he really likes.

He said that the reps don’t learn anything about phones until right before they are released. He said they were expecting a new iPhone not the iPhone4S.


  1. You’re not alone, I went to the store first thing Monday and when I asked about the Focus S, the rep said, “You mean the Skyrocket?” Why do they always gotta push the android. But to make it worse, my store, didn’t even get any Focus S phones, only the Flash. Ridiculous!

  2. Microsoft should abandon the US market. These carrier execs get up there and say how proud and excited they are but the reality is this, repeated in virtually all US carrier stores. Not just one carrier, ALL of them. MS should go all in with Nokia and conquer the European and Asian markets, the US markets will NEVER allow Windows Phone to succeed. In the US, WP7 is doomed.

  3. Flood the market with pentaband, unlocked, Skype enabled phones and let the chips fall where they may.

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