Loving these rumors coming out! It’s now getting more and more believable that Apple will make another iPhone. Just kidding, of course we all know there will be another iPhone but what I am waiting for is what screen size the next flagship Apple iPhone will have. There has been a lot of speculation that the next iPhone will have a new design and a 4 inch screen size. Matter of fact, just 5 days ago an Analyst confirmed that he had information accurate enough to pass on to his investors that there would be a larger screen in the iPhone 5. However, no sources were cited.

Today, we have a Foxconn, the makers of the iPhone, employee leak that states that there are several sample devices floating around Foxconn, but that all of them had a larger 4 inch screen. One of them in fact had an LG screen on it. Also stating that the iPhone 5, as they seem to be calling it around Foxconn, would not have a teardrop shape but would be symmetrical in thickness and be wider and longer. The leak also said that none of these were final production. (that’s kind of  a buzz killer)

Some other good news from the leak is that it looks like Apple is gearing up for production which could mean a summer time release and back on the Apple summer release schedule. The source for this leak was also responsible for leaking that the iPhone 5 was not happening last year and that an iPhone 4S would be launched. True dat. So whether or not you believe any of these rumors or not, the continued reporting and media pressure will have to at some point register with Apple and perhaps help them to decide to build a bigger screened device.

[source: Cult of Mac]


  1. Didn’t we just do this a few months ago? We have leaked samples…screenshots of the changed screen…cases that fit.
    If you dream it, it will come…

  2. So Apple does it again, releases a phone everyone runs out and buys and then shortly thereafter releases another new phone with what people wanted in the last phone… I don’t understand the Apple fan mentality at all, they just put up with it… If it was any other company doing this people would be up in arms and totally pissed off about things like this, but it’s Apple so they just accept it and continue on like sheep.. or lemmings… or fanboys…

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