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iPhone 4S preferred over iPhone 5? Say it ain’t so!

iPhone 4S preferred over iPhone 5

Ah yes, the holiday season! When else can you spend it all with little regard or need to justify? While making my Holiday rounds in the mall, I stopped by the Radio Shack first to pick up a few odds and ends, little did I know I was walking in to some sort of manuscript from a Star Trek Original Series episode. The store was packed with customers and over flowing with employees, but something was strange.

Not a single employee was making regular sales, they were all busy activating phones. I’d never seen this before, but then again, I couldn’t be the one to ask about Radio Shack’s daily workings as I step into one but once a year. Never in a million years would I have thought Radio Shack was the spot to get a cell phone, was I missing something? Clearly I was, I back tracked to the table to the front of the store to have a look at their deals, boy oh boy did they have some sweet deals. They surely did have the carrier stores beat on a few devices, hence the phenomenon I was witnessing.

It was clear, my auxiliary cable and pack of CDs were of no interest to these salesmen, so I had more than a few minutes to stand around. My ideal wait earned me a peek into a thought I never knew existed! Every single person buying a phone was buying an iPhone, what?! I thought Android sold some ridiculous millions of devices an hour, how could this be? But wait, it got stranger, these were not iPhone 5’s being sold, they were all iphone 4S’, wait, what?! The deal table to the front of the store had placed the iPhone 4S only $50 cheaper than the iPhone 5, I couldn’t understand what was going on here.

During the holiday season, a mere $50 on a two year contact for a device really shouldn’t matter, I don’t care who you are. Especially given the fact that you’ll be owning the NEW iPhone as opposed to last year’s “not so cool” device, this was strange. So I did what any self respecting nerd would do in a situation like this, I hauled ass across the mall to the AT&T store to see if there was any rhyme or reason to this madness. Ignoring the “welcome to AT&T can I help” pawn at the door, there it was, the pudding, the proof and the shock!

Five iPhones were being sold, a Note II and a Lumia 920. Out of the five iPhones being sold,four of them were iPhone 4s’, whoa! This is indeed interesting. My fellow gadget lovers and fanboys, help me decipher what this could be.  Could this mean the consumer at large understands Apple’s incremental updates and really don’t care to buy into the hype any more? Is the iPhone 5 just not that stunning enough to capture the heart of all? Have any of you noticed this in your local areas?! Me personally, I say these people are all crazy, you’ve got to get the NEW iPhone no matter what! Especially when you’re signing your life away for two year, but clearly I am missing something here.