Just yesterday we brought you video of Fuse – an RSS reader for Windows Phone 7 with a totally unique look and feel that I love. Well the developer loaded Mobility Digest and our YouTube into the RSS and provided us with these frames showing the three themes of Fuse. Seeing the site load that way is astonishing. In fact, it makes me rethink the theme of our site as it is.

This app is part of a competition so to help the developer, ‘like’ this on FaceBook. All you need to do is ‘like’ this group and then ‘like’ the app and you’ve helped advance what’s clearly an innovative and great looking app.


Best of luck in the competition!


  1. Whoa Nellie! That is one sweet looking app. Didn’t expect such a great sight when I clicked the link and now I know why you reacted so strongly to it. Nice.

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