Okay, I know that XDA Developers has threads that are viewed literally in the “millions”. I probably have viewed that many myself!  But I am very proud that our Complete List Of Tips & Tricks For The AT&T Fuze & HTC Touch Pro has reached a landmark 100,379 views! We are a small community, dedicated to a small range of devices, but I think we do a great job providing information in a flame free, friendly environment. So if you haven’t checked out or Forums, head on over and join in our great community, and be part of an on going discussion about the devices WE love best!

I want to make sure I personally thank DavidK for single handedly writing the majority of the Tips and Tricks in that thread. A TREMENDOUS amount of work was contributed by him. Also, to the rest of the team for keeping it updated. We will take this same idea and will immediately apply it to the next device we support, the Touch Pro II and AT&T (whatever they will call it). I have already started Forums on this and we will begin getting a Tips and Tricks thread started on what we already know about the TP2.

Thanks for all the support!

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  1. Just think, if you where to DISCREETLY place a couple of advertisements and charge the Add company $0.10 for every time the thread was viewed, you would have a budget to start reviewing all the latest and greatest devices.

  2. I know, but the one thing I don’t want to do is make our community look cheap. Do I need the money, yes, will I sacrifice the look and feel of the websites and forums? Nope.

    My/Our goal is to keep working hard with what we have, build up the traffic, and then maybe, just maybe HTC and AT&T will give me the time of day. My Alexa ranking continues to improve, and if I can carry the Fuze Mobility community to the next device’s Website and build Mobility Digest, then perhaps some private advertisers will take interest. Adsense does not pay much!

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