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Adata V7 8gb Class 4 microSD card for $4.45 at Walmart

Here’s another deal for you, and 8gb microSD card for $4.45. It’s class 4 but for the price it’s not bad I think. It’s at Walmart, you can ship free to store or pay to ship to your home. If you’ve got a Walmart near you, and chances are you do, then this isn’t bad to pick up if you’re going anyway. I wouldn’t make a special trip or anything just for this especially with gas prices these days..


Form Factor

  • microSD (micro Secure Digital High Capacity)

Additional Features

  • SD adapter
  • Universal compatibility with TransFlash and SD memory card slots (with included adapter)
  • Solid-state memory means no moving parts
  • Built-in security features enable users to download, store and play secure content

As the demand for digital storage devices continuously grows, V7 is at the forefront with improved, top-notch memory solutions. Taking the microSD to the next level, V7 is pleased to introduce the microSDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity), whose new interface enables faster transfer rates and greater storage capacity so you can capture, store and share images, video, music, games, ring tones, etc. on your smartphones and other mobile devices with the 8GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Card. The V7 8GB Micro SDHC Class 4 Flash Card is the only memory upgrade you need for your new mobile phone or digital camera!