Another Damn Acronym.

GDR, when talking about Microsoft’s Windows Phone, is “General Distribution Releases,” or minor OS updates. “Portico,” which we saw for Lumia 920 and 820 devices in December, was GDR1.

WPCentral has now sniffed out a firmware update labeled “GDR2 Beta 2.” has flashed it, and has since confirmed that the firmware paired with a system update enables something that pocketnow squeaked about: the ability to have *some* control over “other” files on the device. What this seems to do is allow users to manually and automatically delete temporary files, giving us some modicum of control over the space on our Lumias. It’s a nice step.

WPCentral is guessing an April/May release for GDR2, possibly an end-of-summer release for GDR3 with the next major update, “Blue,” coming at the end of the year.

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  1. Hey yo yo Marti!

    Why pile everything up in a big update that you actually put effort into branding? just release the bits and bytes as they are developed individually, don’t wait, don’t assign it a damn color, generate buzz over it and take forever… I guess rolling with this color they feel we’ve all moved past the days of the acronym BSOD, so that’s progress. Also, good word of the day, modicum.

    So I’ll holla at you later…. true.

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