I’ve never heard of this company but I checked their coverage map and it seems they’re everywhere. It seems the parent company is called Locus Telecommunications, again one I never heard of. Anyway they are offering two wireless devices on their 4G network, both are pre-paid at $50 per month and that gets you unlimited data. I checked around their site and didn’t see any fine print or asterisks either about the unlimited thing, so apparently it’s really unlimited, but we’ve heard that before haven’t we?!  You can get either a USB dongle style 4G device called the Flash or one that’s called the Spider which is like a portable hotspot basically.  Price is $150 for the Spider and $100 for the Flash.


A leading provider of no-contract wireless services,H2O® Wireless today unveiled H2O BOLT(SM), offering unlimited prepaid 4G mobile internet on-the-go for just $50/month with a new USB dongle, H2O BOLT(SM) Flash and mobile hotspot, H2O BOLT(SM)Spider. Simply plug the H2O BOLT(SM) Flash to any laptop for instant 4G unlimited internet access. With H2O BOLT(SM) Spider, receive the same great internet and connect up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices. As with all H2O® Wireless plans and products, there is never any contract or hidden fees.

"In today’s mobile world, high-speed internet access is a must – whether at home or on-the-go," said Jack Woo, Vice President of H2O® Wireless. "With the new H2O BOLT(SM), we’re able to connect users directly to the fastest 4G mobile broadband network available and can even replace their expensive home internet service by offering the convenience, affordability, and portability they expect from our no-contract plans."

H2O BOLT(SM) Flash and H2O BOLT(SM) Spider are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X operating systems. Buy it today at http://www.H2OBolt.com or visit any of authorized H2O BOLT(SM) retailers near you.

About H2O® Wireless
H2O® Wireless offers no-contract wireless plans and phones for every need and budget, using the nation’s largest and most reliable GSM and WiMAX 4G networks. Get unlimited talk and text with web, both domestic and international mobile broadband access, pay-by-the-minute plans and more, with phones from every major brand. Or, use H2O® Wireless with your existing iPhone®, Android™, and any other phone of your choice with the $10 SIM Starter Kit – all with no contracts, activation fees, hidden overage charges, or extra taxes and fees. Find H2O® Wireless at over 100,000 retailers nationwide, including Best Buy, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar and more, or visit http://www.H2OWirelessNow.com.


  1. A single netflix or hulu movie is 1gb. Watch 3 to 4 movies and you are cut off.
    The isp and carrier companies are lying to you. The average modern user now uses 10 to 12gb per month. Demand true unlimited service

  2. The H20 Wireless devices seem to be very good on paper. Couple of questions.
    –Will it work on all wireless carriers. Will use Outside US where most are less than 4 G.
    –Since I will be using outside the US, what are the roaming charges?
    –Is there a coverage Map for the US?


  3. So I thought so too, H20 is not a 4g network!! Lie, total fraud, what u actually will get is a 500mb of some sort of fast network, h2o rep couldn’t even explain what it is, but deff not a 4g, after it goes down to dead slow, I mean u can only compare it to no connection at all. First time I called, their rep gave me some bull..t about resetting my phone, when they didn’t do anything at all! Called back, after hold 15 mins. They told me that I ran out of my 500mb, and now speed goes down, he said that first 500 mb u get are “4x faster” and I asked him faster then what?? What r we comparing to? But got no clear answer, he did say that they don’t actually offer 4g at all!!

  4. I got the Flash the problem is they never sent with it this connection manager and I can not find it anywhere, anyone can help?

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