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MyTunes – Beautiful New MP3 Player

image image Wow, this came from nowhere:) New XDA member Timmy212 has released a new MP3 player (currently at version .3) that works and is phenomenally easy to use and beautiful to look at. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at this video and watch how many different options are at the tip of your finger just by swiping in the right area.


It works on VGA and WVGA now and I’ve tried it out…it works just as in the video. Very super finger friendly where it matters (like volume and advancing tracks). Panels slide across to go through your music and everything is just simple to use. There’s a lot going on here and I like it all:) It doesn’t resize properly for landscape. It’s a minor issue for me.

Here’s the latest changelog by the way:

–a new album song list view with the ability to change albums while in the view.
–updated shade slider; reversed the direction that it moves the albums so its more of a slider than any sort of album flow
–holding the top bar until it turns red will bring up settings page.
–The player now shows you the current playing track in blue so that you can easily jump back to the album that the song is in.
— you can now clear out the current playlist, save playlists, load playlists and also Concatenate multiple playlists… sorta (just got it set up so its not perfect yet. )
— Settings allow you to set default folder , and the default playlist. repeat and random toggle buttons are hooked to anything yet.
— new volume slider, just click on the speakers in the corner to bring it up, then slide it back down when you are done.
— you can now throw away albums you no longer want in your playlist by swiping them down into your folder

You can get the beta here and join in on the testing. Timmy212, we applaud you!:)