Sitting around with a proverbial thumb up your ass instead of mangoes?  Yeah, I was too.  This gradual roll out business can be bypassed using a little bit of force.  If you haven’t received your OTA update notification then all you need to do, assuming your phone is actually in an update roll-out (so if you have a DVP or something similar this doesn’t work), then cram your USB cable into the respective slots on your phone and PC and it should fire up Zune as usual.  From here hit up your settings menu in the top right.  Once you’re in settings you’ll see a category for phone up top.  Click that.  This will go to another settings menu and should have an update category on the left hand side.  Click that and then you’ll see a button that says check for updates.  Mash that bitch and hold on for your dose of awesome, which consequently can take like an hour or two depending on how much data you have already on your phone.


  1. Nope, did all that, and when I hit “update” Zune is just telling me that my phone (AT&T Samsung Focus) is up to date. No Mango update.

  2. I went to plug my focus in and my Zune doesn’t pick it up. I have synced before not for a while. I can hear the phone and computer noticing the phone but I can pull it up. Will a hard reset help? Will I lose everything? Please help!!!

  3. Next time I run a thing on how to flash some Android thing early, could I maybe run it by you so that you can mash that bitch up first and then post it? By the time you’re through with it we’ll all be wearing gold-plated diapers.

  4. Well, it’s not quite that simple if you’re not in the first official rollout. As with the NoDo update, if the “Update Available” message isn’t appearing, you can trick it by clicking the “Update” link under Phone Settings, then disconnecting from the Internet – disable, unplug, or turn off WiFi. If you get the timing right, the “Update Available” message will appear. Then re-connect to the Internet and update as normal.

    Had to do this twice for our Focus 1.3 on NoDo – once to go to 7392 (?) and again to get the Mango pre-update and final update. It’s in progress right now on that final update.

  5. I’ve been doing that all morning. No one else I know that has WP7 on the west coast out here has seen it either. :(

  6. Oh, and this only works if you’re supposed to get the update. Focus w/ hardware rev 1.4 and HD7S will not get the update at this time through official channels. Still should be able to use the disconnect trick to find the updates – the timing can be a beating, though.

  7. @Matthew – What OS version are you running now? I was using the Mango beta and every once in a while my phone wouldn’t sync with zune quite right either. Make sure you have the most recent zune client first. Restart both devices (PC and phone) and try again. Also try running a registry cleaner like CCleaner, which helped mine in some instances. But as others have said, make sure you have phone hardware that is supposed to be receiving the update.

    @Simmons – Didn’t you just lose a bet, homie?

  8. Matt: Maybe I did, but I think I made a bet on it reaching a certain percentage of phones by a certain date. Need to dig through the comments and find the bet.

    May have made two bets actually. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. One other thing – you really need to disconnect the phone between updates, at least for a Focus v1.3. Failure to do so (especially between the pre-Mango update and the 7720.68 update) can result in your phone loading only to a “Samsung” screen and going no further. That results in a whole lot of pain to get your device back where it was just so you can do that step again and remember to disconnect between updates. :(

  10. I waited to pull the internet cord about half a second after hitting the check for updates button if that helps anyone…

  11. After i did the all the updates it says i have 7.10 (7720) i thought mango was suppose to be 7.5 did i miss something?

  12. @Joe: It’s a matter of timing. Check to see how long it takes before returning the status that you’re current. Try again, but kill your Internet connection ~1 second prior to that time. Should come back with an update (or an error – if so try again).

  13. @Mike: If you have build 7720.68, you should be on Mango. The internal build (7.1) external number. If you have something other than 7720.68, let us know. :)

  14. Peter, thanks for the info on pulling the network cable. I had been checking for updates all day and your method worked like a charm the first try.

  15. Now that I have the Mango update, (Forced) can we stop talking about Mango and get on to when we get theTango update. Since I’m the only one that counts!

  16. Waited 30 minutes for the update to check for available space. Note that I did a hard reset prior to starting the update process so my flash was clean, nearly 14GB available on my Surround. Finally gave up waiting, unplugged, rebooted both and tried again. Update started immediately and only took about 10 minutes. Next up was the Mango beta cleanup updates (which ensures future updates will work). Another pause (5 min) checking for available disc space. This time, a simple unplug/plug got things rolling again. Five minutes later the HTC firmware started without a glitch. A tad over an hour, with the two “checking space” delays.

    But I did hard reset remember (wanted a clean, fresh device), so 140 apps later, lots of login entries and SkyDrive/Dropbox restores, and I am mangoized. Still have 30 games to load tonight along with some cleanup. One major update a year is plenty for me.

  17. @jimski: Jim, what do you do with all your apps and games when you do the hard reset? How do you know everything that you had loaded, and how do you get it all back?

  18. I got the 7392 update and it seemed to be going pretty smooth but at the end it came up with an error message, related to photos I think. Tried again and couldn’t replicate the update. Does the fact that I tried and failed mean it won’t let me try again?

  19. I have 2 Focus, i was able to force the update in one of them, but the other is giving me the fallowing error code: 80180048. Does any one knows what this mean? I went to the WP support page and that error code is not there. thank you

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