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Go get your mangoes by force!

Sitting around with a proverbial thumb up your ass instead of mangoes?  Yeah, I was too.  This gradual roll out business can be bypassed using a little bit of force.  If you haven’t received your OTA update notification then all you need to do, assuming your phone is actually in an update roll-out (so if you have a DVP or something similar this doesn’t work), then cram your USB cable into the respective slots on your phone and PC and it should fire up Zune as usual.  From here hit up your settings menu in the top right.  Once you’re in settings you’ll see a category for phone up top.  Click that.  This will go to another settings menu and should have an update category on the left hand side.  Click that and then you’ll see a button that says check for updates.  Mash that bitch and hold on for your dose of awesome, which consequently can take like an hour or two depending on how much data you have already on your phone.