google-cardboard-2016We have all heard the stories where a cell phone stopped a bullet or where someone used an app to self diagnose themselves. However, here is a new one, google cardboard helped conduct a successful surgery. A baby was born with out one lung and with only half of a heart. A condition that doctors had apparently never seen before and were really not sure how to treat the baby. The babies heart was not entirely in the right place and surgeons were not sure how to approach the babies heart without making massive incisions and causing trauma. This is where google cardboard came into play. The doctors were able to take images of the babies heart and its location in relation to the rib cage and view them in 3D to map out how they would approach the surgery. In the end the doctors were able to successfully conduct the surgery and the baby is currently recovering well and no longer on ventilator support.



  1. It is. i have actually bought a samsung VR and tried and it was great to watch movies and stuff. It felt like i was in an actual movie theater but i could never see myself wearing such a thing and watching a movie or whatever so i returned it. But overall i was pretty impressed with the quality and how well things looked.

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