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LG Tone+ Bluetooth headphone Review


I have a weird policy, every 8 months or so, its time for something new, usually an accessory of some sort. Since it has been a while since my last Bluetooth headset, I thought I would browse the AT&T store to see if a new generation had arrived as yet. Not surprisingly, there was nothing, but, there was a nice shiny box titled LG Tone+.

Upon closer inspection, it was a Bluetooth headphone set, but it had a fairly odd appearance. So, I inquired and ultimately purchased this mystery headset, why not? Its good to make a blind purchase every now and then, keeps the consumer in me alive.

I had never been a fan of Bluetooth headphones, they just never seemed to sound very good when listening to music. Sure, I was unsure of the purchase all the way home, but I had stayed away from the Bluetooth headphone trend for years on end, so perhaps it was time to dive in, I was excited to see if things had change. Short answer, yes! These things are awesome.

The very first thing that struck me about the Tone+ was the design. It was a behind the neck design, but with a very well implemented twist. I often hated the behind the neck design and was surely not looking forward to embracing it once again, but this was different. The ear buds themselves attached to the tips of the ring via magnet, when detached, the ring simply sat comfortably around the neck. Perfect for a bigger person like myself, the fit was perfect. When wearing a collared shirt, the headphones were not visible, I enjoyed this a good bit, especially when walking around the office.

The ring itself had a few controls on the top side, volume rocker, play/pause, answer call, next/previous and finally an on/off switch. The entire headphone is nicely designed.

Pairing to both my Lumia and S3 was effortless, and much like my Bluetooth headsets, I enjoyed having the Tone+ connected to both phones at once. All features in terms of skipping songs, volume controls and answering calls from the physical buttons worked as advertised, even on my Lumia.

What about the sound quality? As I previously stayed, the sound quality from Bluetooth headphones never really measured up to my standards, but let me tell ya, these things exceed expectations. Highs are extremely crisp,miss are more than satisfactory and bass is amazing! They were easily comparable to popular Beats By Dre ear buds in higher price brackets.

Call quality was also up to snuff, after playing with the headphones for a bit, I was fully expecting them to been lacking in this department, but, I was wrong. When receiving an incoming call, the ring vibrates, I was not expecting that at all, because of how well it rested on my neck, the vibration made perfect sense. Although the ability to use both right and left ear buds is not a problem, I was just comfortable with using the left ear when taking phone calls. Using the Tone+ was simply more comfortable than any Bluetooth headset I’d ever used before. It was a simple ear bud, which fit dam near perfect. Callers on the other end reported they couldn’t really tell I was using a Bluetooth headset, and more importantly, I didn’t feel like I was using one.

Overall, LG delivered a high tech, feature rich solution in the Bluetooth market. I am happy my return back to this genre carried with it a great experience. At the $70 price point, and even cheaper if you shop around, these headphones are a great purchase!

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