Hey iPhone people, Google Latitude’s now on your App Store as a standalone application which, unless you don’t want it to, will run in the background.

An essential tool if you’re in an unhealthy relationship and think spying on her might somehow help the situation.


  1. BGR seems to be fond of this app:
    “Remember Google Latitude — Google’s location-based social network that allows users to easily share their locations with friends? Yeah, neither did we… at least not until Google’s new iOS app popped up over the weekend. Google Latitude is half-baked at best, though we imagine once Google launches a social network that doesn’t flop, Latitude will probably be folded in to add the LBS element. For the time being, all the service really does is share your location with friends (and Google’s data bank). No added value, no special features — just location sharing.”
    I did use it a few times on WM and aside formt he creepy stalknig thing it was neat. Except no one else really used it so it would say their last update as 100 days ago or something.

  2. All right well maybe the moral of the story is that not only does Google share, Apple’s continuing to untighten its ass about putting Google software on their store instead of forcing people to use some HTML5 workaround.

    Perhaps one day they’ll get, and maybe WP7 as well (though I doubt it), Navigation. Or maybe in a real plot twist Apple will get some turn by turn Bing thing instead of Google’s Navigation. Or make their own, or buy out Waze.

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