Google has made great app even better for iPhone. The Google search app that I use daily for various things has added some new functionality that really makes the experience faster and easier to use. First, Google has got their swipe on with the search app which now let’s you pull down to redefine your search keyword, change your settings. There is also some help available on the top left hand side as well as a voice search that is REALLY cool as well as Google Goggles icon.

Wait, you aren’t done with your swiping options. Say you got your search results back and you want to change to one of the other mobile products Google offers. Simply swipe from left to right will bring up a lot of options for you to choose from. I like the gray background to this option that sets the products apart from your search.

Also on the bottom the screen is an Apps button that takes you to all of Google’s mobile apps like Gmail, Reader, Calendar, Docs, Talk, Buzz, etc. The only problem I had with this is that once you select an app, it opens it up in Safari and you cannot use the swipe functions that are part of the Google Search App any longer to change to something else. Instead you have to pull down slightly on the top, look for the more button and then there is a drop down box that is not as nice as the Google Search App swipe options pane.

Even with the confusing way it takes you in and out of the app to Safari if you use all the Google products, it is still packing a lot of goodness. Check out the video below and head on over to the App Store to download:


  1. Well mine is better because I actually have an iPhone. Speaking of which, what da flip are you doing posting iPhone news? Two articles won’t hurt anything, engadget does it all the time.

  2. @BRYAN B: well yeah but the diffference is I’m right;) See, I posted a day before you because my phone is that far ahead of your Doug.

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