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Apple’s iPad 2 to be announced on March 2nd?

ios4.32011, “the year of the tablet” continues hot on the heels of the XOOM announcement this morning is Apple’s turn with the iPad 2. To stir the tablet pot a little more today we have what appears to be Apple’s date that they will announce of the iPad 2, on March 2nd.  According to the Wall Street The Journal’s BoomTown blog, Cupertino will hold a media event in San Francisco to put the rumors of delays to rest. So good news to everyone on the fence with the XOOM, or holding off buying the original iPad, looks like Apple’s April time table will be for real.

So what can we expect from the iPad 2? As we all have moaned about, the iPad 2 will not have the Retina Display as we were lead to believe early on. What it will have is a thinner display by 30-35 percent than it’s predecessor, the original iPad. The display will not only be thinner, but be more anti-reflective in bright sunlight. Android will not be the only dual core tablet on the block either. Apple intends to put a 1.2GHz, dual-core, ARM Cortex-A9 chip and Imagination’s SGX543 GPU architecture, (which is) a big leap from the SGX535 Apple uses today.” cites All things Digital. Add to that the iPad 2 will also sport front and rear facing cameras for all you Facetime junkies out there. Where these are only moderate improvements over the original iPad, the close proximity of the iPad 2 does warrant consideration on holding off and waiting for the iPad 2 launch,

The media is expecting invitations to Apple’s announcement on March 2nd anytime so stay tuned as we will keep you posted on Apple’s follow-up to the very successful iPad with the iPad 2!


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