At some conference someone just asked Google’s search maestro Amit Singhal for his position on Microsoft’s stupid Scroogled attack campaign. In what is being regarded by the twitterverse as an peculiar and selfless effort to provide a competitor with helpful counsel on tactics to succeed, Amit stated, “We focus on our users; others should focus on building good products too.” My first 140


  1. Sorry to hear about this bitter disillusionment you suffered. Tell me Ram, can you give an example of how this man could have fielded this question in a manner that both sustained your respect in him and his own respect in himself, colleagues and their work?

    • Before you suggest someone something, make sure your side is clear from sufferings. I am not saying Their ranking algorithm is wrong or search engine is wrong, and neither their Glasses project. But if you take their Android, it is totally a bitch which tresspasses a lot and their OEMs are paying for it. Correct it and blame others. I am not saying Microsoft is right. They also should stop Scroogled and put that interest and effort in improving their Online Services.

      • I’d ask you in what way Google would need to correct Android from its “tresspasses” but nobody knows thanks to their NDAs. Kind of like getting hired for your dream job, having prepped a new Android device for a launch, when HR (Microsoft) comes by with a ton of paperwork that they claim you must sign before they begin paying you to do stuff (like all the other guys), five bucks or whatever it is per device to get Microsoft’s sharks off your ass, “okay, where do I sign.”

        Presuming these patents are legit, any idea why Microsoft wouldn’t be shutting down Android devices altogether instead of doing these shakedowns over and over? You know, like Apple?

        To their credit, they’ve become quite good at it.

      • Well, they could’ve started dialog with Microsoft, forget about Apple, they patent squares, rectangles etc. too, sort out issues, pay for anything, and pass that fee to OEMs, that way, you could avoid legal fee, court fee, and other resources wastage instead of leaving it to OEMs and making it hard for everyone.

      • And to answer your question regarding why MSFT is not shutting down the Android devices altogether is MSFT is in business, and they want money from their products. IPs happened to be one, and if the other party is able to sell products and license with them properly, they get money. I think MSFT is making good chunk of money from Android devices, why would they want to lose that money.

      • Well, I guess out of pride of stopping people from stealing their stuff rather than making deals to let them steal it in exchange for fees and a desire to give Windows Phone an enormous boost (to help Windows Phone escape the irony of being the thing commonly known for generating insignificant revenue for Microsoft in comparison to their Android business)? Would that be the thing to have happened were Microsoft to have enforced these rock solid patents?

        Perhaps the patents are only rock solid enough to spook the likes of Nikon and not actually take Android head on. So if they tried and failed, it would be so good for their Android racket. That’s not a bad guess (again, given that we don’t even know what patents to look up on account of Microsoft’s secrecy in these maneuvers).

        Anyway, so, we’re going to do the ticker symbol thing now to refer to companies?

    • Well I think it’s lame and if you do it too much I’ll spend hours with php to convert your ticker symbols to actual names, which is actually what I want to do, as I actually had done before which worked until Smith hit upgrade and overwrote my work, with the stock widget.

      You know how on like Forbes and other “serious” sites whenever they mention a company name you see that company’s stock’s last trade? Almost had it working this morning but got sidetracked.

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