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MobilityLeaks: More “Scroogled” FUD from Ram

Ram: WSJ article: Microsoft Backs School Privacy Bill Taking Aim at Google. Yeah, no one would have expected this when they have given away Chromebooks to students. /s

ramisapoofterSimmons: Expected what exactly, Microsoft lobbying for their own interests? Can’t get through the linked article’s WSJ article, not sure what you’re referring to. I mean, I’m sure there’s something in there about Google announcing plans to spy on little kids through webcams and see how well they do on their homework so they know which kids not to hire to work at Google when they grow up, and Microsoft wants to stop Google in its tracks because that’s just evil, but I can’t get through the damn paywall. Microsoft “reads” email too dipshit, Google’s just better at it. On the other hand, there’s this (remember?), about as rock solidly substantiated as your incessant and weirdly obsessive scroogled horseshit. You poofter.