The goods on the heavily rumored Nexus 2 are now coming to life from the Google camp. The first and very successful Nexus (ask Simmons) was manufactured by HTC and had a superior build quality. The latest leak of pictures and rumors that all but confirm that the Sequel to the Nexus Saga will be manufactured by Samsung and bare a striking resemblance and letter designation to the Samsung Galaxy ā€œSā€.

A lot of this story picks up this morning when Best Buy blundered and and posted the following ad on their website which sent the hounds out to find more information on what is going on with this. Really, other than Android 2.3, the Nexus S is not that much more than any other Galaxy S device running rampant through US Carriers. We can expect a 4ā€ Super AMOLED screen and a Hummingbird Processor. Sounds a lot like another recently released device that basically slapped a new OS in some existing hardware. (cough – Windows Phone)  

Until Google comes clean with an official announcement on the Nexus S device running some Gingerbread (Android 2.3) goodness, we will continue to tranquilize Simmons and keep you posted. Enjoy the pictures!



  1. Upon further analysis I was going to write about eleven hundred words explaining why this could be horseshit but I figured a picture would be more efficient:

    Yeah what’s up now, Internet?

  2. I sure hope this isn’t the next Nexus series phone. Why does Samsung think the old iPhone form factor is still cool? The only visually striking thing about this phone (unlike the Nexus we know) is that it’s huge looking and plastic. If this is true I just don’t understand why Google would want their flagship phone to resemble the horde of Galaxy S phones out there. I mean, it seriously looks like a iPhone 3G on steroids. It better be packing some serious heat if it wants to distinguish itself from the pack.

  3. So that’s a Nexus right there? That’s what you’re telling me? Really? Look at the evidence!

    What’s next, you’re going to say something like we really did land on the moon or 9/11 wasn’t an inside job?

    Listen Mr. Counterconspiracy, I go here for phone stuff so keep your sanctimonious politicking under the guise of WP7 news and hacks to yourself thank you very much.

  4. Aww hell yeah! External site photo authentication fight mixed with a lot of weirdness! Keep firing Simmons, you really stand a chance with this angle!


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