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Fabulously Field Testing an N1 Hack

Imagine buying a car (nerds like car analogies) straight from your buddy who works at the GM plant (one that didn’t get shut down I should say). You drive it home, rides smooth, you roll into your garage, then for the hell of it you read the manual in the glove box and find that the engine can pump out a decent 480 horses of power. Still with me?

Several months pass, you’re still loving the car, and then bam, on your automobile-heavy RSS feed you see that some amateur engine engineer, making a living (?) on paypal donations, managed to figure out that under the hood somewhere there’s a little widget and if you twist it just right it will unleash the engine’s potential by leashing it to 720 powerful horses with no apparent negative side effects, something your buddy at the plant who bolted the vehicle together didn’t even know about.

Mind blown.

That’s what happened to me repeatedly except with my Nexus One, first with the discovery of how so much better it is than WinMo, then later the joys of root, overclocking, wifi N, then Froyo (woah) and now, thanks to who apparently is the most prolific man on the Android development world not (not to my knowledge at least) on Google’s payroll, known as Cyanogen, I can shoot video with almost three times as many pixels as what’s listed on Wikipedia and I can do it at the same framerate Hollywood uses and at an okay bitrate too having just flashed his latest release CyanogenMOD which, though not necessarily this hack, is available somehow on ten different phones.

Yes I know this isn’t fresh news, I’ve read it everywhere already too, but on those articles all I saw were dull demonstrations of guys who flashed the rom and aimed their phone out the window, panning back and forth a bit. Man what a waste of pixels! So I hit up So a buddy of mine, a vague acquaintance I should say, went to Central Park to see if I could throw a little more flavor behind my demo to make this post-worthy even this late in the game, and I think I nailed it. A real field test.

So check out my vague acquaintance’s (really, I barely know the guy) one minute clip, hit play, make sure it’s in 720 HD and hit the fullscreen thing to see what I’m talking about. Note that 720p, also known as 1280×720, is wider than this column I’m writing into right now so again, blow it up and let it blow your mind.

Because this phone is so damn timeless I had to go with a classical soundtrack.
Doug Simmons