If you dont know what GOTW is then I can’t really help you, but I figured its about time to start our very own Game of the Week section here on MobilityDigest.  And oh man, when I found Pac-Man on Mylostblog.org i was … gitty? no… ecstatic? I think Humbled and Happy fit my feelings… its kind of hard to say really.  Once you load it up and hear that great midi music playing it just sends chills down your side and makes me want to reach into my pocket for some quarters.

Your controls are the “d-pad” on the Fuze and that allows you to do everything you need to do.  Left, Right, Up, Down.  If you hit the center button, you pause the game.  And the paused controls are touch screen controls which is cool.  I do need a little practice with the controls because I keep hitting the “home key” but that’s OK! because all that happens is your game gets paused and then you can just go to the task manager and go back to your game!  Landscape does not really work and it seemed to bog down more when I pulled out the keyboard, so I’d stick to the standard portrait gaming.  And Davidk in the forums figured out that gscroll did NOT work and he had some fun getting rid of it.  And under settings you can remap your keys, change the number of lives, change the score when you get a bonus life, change the difficulty and even make it so it uses “credits.”

Check out some screenshots!

image image

I dont know where it is originally from, so all i can really do is post the site I found it at.

Download here.

Post any findings in our Forums here.

And yes I know i got it from a site that was doing GOTW, BUT they haven’t been doing it for a while.  They are my inspiration.  :)  Keep your eyes open for weekly(i hope) looks at games new and old!  More screens after the break!

image image


  1. I don’t know what gitty means, but if you where as \Giddy as a school girl\ I could relate to that.
    Looking forward to seeing some wild games, it will give valuable incite into the whacked minds of Win mo users

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