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AT&T Carries Less Data Than VZ and Sprint

image This is a little shocking to me. Despite the iPhone, which is always touted as a data whore, it turns out that both Verizon and Sprint carried more data last year than AT&T did. That really tells you how pathetic AT&T’s network is. It turns out that data cards carry a lot more traffic than phones and VZ and Sprint have more data cards and more 3G coverage and combined VZ and Sprint are 63% of the markets data. So I know there’s always fingers pointed at the iPhone but it turns out that VZ and Sprint have bigger whores, more high speed data coverage and we hear less complaints about their networks…big time AT&T fail, huh?

Oh and it will only get worse as “nearly all operators will see mobile data traffic levels increase eightfold from 2010 through 2014.” Wow, we’re all screwed. Back to wifi I guess:)

Marketwatch via BGR.