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Group SMS and Email Included In 6.5

The more I play with Herg’s ROM the more goodies I find:) Going to ‘add contacts’ when Windows Default is the today screen UI (not when TF3D is the default) presents you with a new screen which allows you to add a group text or email group, something that WM has been missing. Once selected you have the normal contacts list to scroll through and you can highlight as many contacts as you would like and they can be saved to a group that you name. When you go to do a new email to that group it adds all of the individuals (so instead of saying it is an email to “Group 1” it inserts each of the contacts individually so you can see who make up the group and revise them if needed).

Herg is using build 23412 and I’m not sure when this was first included but it should be a keeper.