I am not sure about the rest of our readers but, I am sick of all the bloggers and analysts saying “NOKIA NEEDS TO SWITCH FROM WINDOWS PHONE TO ANDROID”. My opinion is let Nokia decide what is good for Nokia.

Nokia is making a comeback on several new devices in the works. We all know that Nokia is coming out with the Nokia 1020 (aka EOS or ELVIS on AT&T). Nokia just came out with the Nokia 521, which is my choice right now. Nokia also came out with the 928 for Verizon and 925 for T-Mobile. There is even (under Rumors Category) a Nokia Tablet in the works. Nokia has been around for several years now. I don’t think they are going away just yet.

I am seeing a big shift to Windows Phone Devices. All the sites I am seeing is Nokia is on its way back up the chain. It is this writers opinion that Android Bloggers and Analysts are scared that with the joint name of Nokia and Microsoft will destroy Androids hold. I would love to see that happen.

I come from the Windows Pocket PC days. I had the AT&T 8525, AT&T Tilt, AT&T Fuze, and the AT&T Tilt 2. I am one of several people from XDA-Developers that ported Touch Flo 2d and 3d. I have created my own custom roms for those devices (Herg-A-Fied Roms). I have ported Operas Mobile from all leaked HTC Roms and made them usable on any Windows Pocket PC Device. Yes Windows Phone 7 and 8 you cannot modify the screen and that is what made Windows Pocket PC. I would love to see a trend to make Windows Mobile more like the good old days. Those days are no more.

Let’s face it, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone are not going away. SO THE LOVE OF ANYTHING GOOD…..PLEASE STOP TELLING NOKIA TO JUMP SHIP FROM WINDOWS PHONE.

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I have been a Windows Rom Developer (ROMs made include Special K and Doug E Fresh Rom). I have port apps for Windows Phone like Opera Mobile, and HTC Sense for Windows Phone. I no longer do that stuff. I now focus on analyzing malware and I own my own business fixing computers as well as installing secured networks. In my spare time I have my own mini network at my house to see the impact as well as analyzing the damaging power the malware causes by using malware samples given to me. Thanks to MobilityDigest.com, I have been given a great pleasure to write about malware and the impact on mobile devices.


  1. 100% Agree , ;)
    Nokia + WP8 = The Best-

    Android is 92% Samsung , 8 % HTC LG SONY Etc.
    Android without Samsung = #FAIL

  2. Glad Nokia hasn’t gone with android. It is crap. Like other true WP users who appreciate class, we cannot help but recommend WP to others and for Nokia WP users, it only natural to recommend Nokia. Managed to convert yet another 3, 2 from android and 1 from iphone. Lets take on the world with Nokia.

  3. I agree those that are suggesting Nokia will fail if they do not change to Android are afraid of Nokia. Nokia in its darkest days has always been a great company making excellent products. With the Windows phone they will one day be in a position to reach first place. When I put my Nokia next to an iPhone I am surprised how awkward the iPhone is to operate. Next to the Android the Windows phone looks sexy and functions better. Why would Nokia want to ever consider Android as it fragments and never becomes a platform for developers.

  4. Company’s do dumb shit, and make huge mistakes from time to time.
    But to me it’s always funny to hear people trying to tell multi billion dollar company’s who have been around for decades how to conduct their business, and what they need to do to succeed.

    Even funnier in this regard because for the most part no OEM outside of samsung is doing that great on android.


  5. Couldn’t agree more. Differentiation is as much a factor as anything. Changing things up when market share is moving in the right direction seems short sighted to me. Imagine the Android vacuum that would follow if Samsung went with their own mobile platform. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Its weird to think of Microsoft and Nokia as up and coming but that is exactly how it seems to be shaping up. Android certainly isn’t a guarantee anyway. So many OEM’s do not seem to be able to make it work for them.

  6. Nokia will do what it wants. As a hardware company, they should allow users to choose what OS to run on their phones, whether they want to pay a license fee for Windows Phone, or run an open source OS like Android or Ubuntu Touch. I would love to see Nokia come back from the dead, I really would, but personally I will never use them as long as they continue down this path of proprietary, closed-source, expensive operating systems. I also don’t want to have to pay Microsoft for a Windows Phone license as a part of the cost of my phone. Nokia used to be awesome when they were backing open source projects like QT, Maemo and MeeGo. If they want to be successful again, they need to get back to these efforts.

    I don’t trust Microsoft with my computer, I sure as hell am not going to trust them with my phone!

  7. Hey, it’s your choice. Use what ever OS you prefer, as long as it’s legal. Regarding not wanting to pay Microsoft a Windows Phone license fee, you are aware that whatever you are paying for most other phones (even if it’s heavily subsided by a carrier), you are paying Microsoft (and Nokia) indirectly for patent royalties. It’s a pay me now, pay me later thing. Nothing is free in this world. Not even open source.

  8. Wow! Lots of delusional Windows Phone fan boys.
    Why can’t you just admit that there are multiple choices for multiple tastes, and be happy that someone is not forcing their will upon us. We are free to make our own choices, atleast in our OS.
    As I look out accross the cafeteria, I see the choices people have made. Some are expected, others are a surprise. But I only see, IOS, Android, and feature phones. The one WP8 device, Nokia 521, was returned as defective, and replaced with an Android.
    I am rooting for, Nokia, Windows Phone and a return to a WinMo type OS. But I have not made a solid choice to quit Android anytime soon.

  9. Just because everyone in the cafeteria is eating pizza and bean sprouts, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything more interesting on the menu. It may mean though, that people, to a fault, are unwilling to try new things. Of course, that is their choice and right.

  10. I know there are more choices out there.
    This is the one opportunity I have to survey a large group of people.
    Working the same job for 20 years, I am stuck in a rut and don’t get out much.
    Before the iPhone, I was the one of the only ones with a smart phone. And the people that did have a smartphone were using WinMo, with the occasional Palm thrown in, and lots of BlackBerries. Ipods were all the rage.
    The point being, the market has changed, and I expect it will change again.
    I don’t care who the leader is, as long as I get what I want.

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