Wednesday, after much anticipation, @Zaam released his first iPhone app. This first app is based off of one of his web apps that lets you choose different armor and color combinations for your Halo 3 character, be it Spartan or Elite. You can find a link to download the app from Zaam’s new site, and check out his future releases there as well.

The app is very fun to just try and see how different armor types would look with one or another. Plus it gives you all of the color choices from the actual Halo 3 game. So, if you’re thinking of trying out a new combination of armors and colors you can now do it without wasting time turning on your 360 and loading up the game.

We have three codes to giveaway. One will be given away on here, one at Xbox 360 Digest, and the third will be randomly awarded to a Twitter user (see below).

Here are the rules:

  • Contest ends on Friday, February 5.
  • You can enter via all 3 methods (mentioned above).
  • On Twitter, you can enter once each day until the end date.
  • How to enter on the websites: all you have to do is post a comment with a reason of why you want the app, or with a comment about why you visit the sites.
  • To enter on Twitter just retweet this message:

Win the new “Halo3 Model” iPhone app from @Zaam! RT and follow @MobilityDigest to win! #Zaam


  1. I’d like the app because I really do own an iPhone, I am one of those gamers who does care how their characters in the game look (even work hard on my avatars), plus I work at a psych. hospital for children on the pre-teen/young teen cottage where many kids have played Halo3 at home but can’t play where they live now on cottage. They’d enjoy tinkering around on the app with me. They love iPhones
    P.S. I may be better at decking out characters then actualy fragging people. Haha

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