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Mobile Fun Weekly Roundup

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Mobile Fun and their other sites, that’s because of the holidays of course but they’re back and so I’m back with the weekly roundup of new product being released by them on their Mobile Site and other sites. So let’s just get into it..

This week I’ve got some mega Galaxy Nexus news, the Galaxy Ace Plus handset and news on Kindle Fire accessories from Mobile Fun.  On GamingZap they’ve got Skylanders and Turtle Beach headset news and LoveCases have got some great new Canon 600D cases.

First up the MEGA  Galaxy Nexus news!

From the 6th Feb we’re going to be stocking the White Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sim Free and selling it for £519.95 – it’s a great update to the monster handset and we think the white version will be just as popular as the black one.

We’re also going to be stocking the 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus from the 6Th Feb too!  This one costs £614.95, but gives you double the storage of the original Galaxy Nexus, so you’ve got more room for music and media.

Next up we’ve got stock of the Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus… we’re selling it for £184.95 and it’s a great upgrade to the original Galaxy Ace.  If you’re looking for an entry level smartphone, it’s a great choice as it runs Android Gingerbread, has a 3.65" touchscreen and 1GHz processor… therefore it has everything you need from a smartphone without all the added extras.


The Kindle was hot stuff this Christmas with the accessories for the latest version flying off the shelves as soon as we got them in stock, so it’s no surprise that we’ve started to stock Kindle Fire accessories in preparation for the potential launch of it in the UK.  It’s Amazon’s first tablet, so it a great combination of the standard Kindle e-reader and tablet software. 

We’ve got some of the popular SD cases in for the Kindle Fire in our Kindle Fire cases range in black and purple currently, but we’ve got more colours coming too.  We’ve also got Krusell cases and an InvisibleSHIELD protector so you can give your Kindle Fire all the protection it needs.


Over on Gaming Zap they’ve reduced the price of the  Skylanders 3DS Starter Pack Lite.  This follows on from the massive success GamingZap have had with Skylanders figures of the holiday period.  Including a copy of the 3DS game, one Skylander figure and the ‘Portal of Power’ this fantastic value starter pack includes everything you need to get started for only £22.95. Also be sure to check out their whole range of Skylanders figures including rare editions such as the Skylanders Dark Spyro figure and many more!

GamingZap have also added two new lines to their current stock of Turtle Beach headsets. The Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 headset for Playstation 3 and the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 for Xbox 360 place themselves as quality mid-level headsets that deliver excellent price performance at only £49.95 each. Delivering amplified audio performance and independent chat and volume controls as well as a host of other features these headsets are sure to give you a competitive gaming advantage for either console.

Finally over at LoveCases they’ve updated their Canon 600D case range. There’s a couple of great new cases in the range including the Samsonite Adria 110 Colt and the Hama Rexton 170 bag. They both allow you to store your camera and lens, as well as memory cards and other accessories, so you can take everything you need with you whilst on the go.

The Hama bag even has an integrated tripod holder – so it’s a great accessory for those who freelance so need everything in one place. Both cases have 10 year guarantees on them so you know high quality is assured. They’re available now from Lovecases.