Here in the US the education system has been taking a beating and politicized taking the emphasis off the kids who are struggling and placing blame for their apathy and declining GPA’s on budget cuts and disgruntled educators. Somewhere in Duncanville (wherever that is) there is student who has had enough and apparently intended to voice his objections while departing his classroom on what can only be a familiar walk to the principals office. His tirade seemed at first staged and well rehearsed but after listening to it a second time it seems he is more upset than I first thought because it sounds like his voice is cracking towards the end of the video before he walks out.

Take away what you want from this but in any case it is still pretty funny!


  1. Yeah, that whole 140 system, tl;dr the instructions. This wasn’t that irreverent. Provocative perhaps. But I thought the readers might find it interesting. Anyone got my back here or you guys going to let Simmons kick my @$$? LOL

  2. This made me mad.
    She didn’t hear a word he said, and he will be the one in trouble.
    They will make him apologize to her, and none of her students will get a meaningful education. She will take her paycheck and go home, and half her class will go to prison. Thanks.
    With that said.
    Can we get back to the tech please.

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