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Plumber Crack for iOS “Cracks” into Top Ten Free Games

As a self proclaimed DIY’er, I have never needed to call a plumber. But that does not mean I have not suffered from the inadvertent glimpse of Plumber’s Crack. It can happen anywhere. It can happen at Walmart. I just turned the corner to go down the cereal isle when it struck. Some guy bento over grabbing a family size box of Fruity Pebbles.  It was awful and brings back painful memories that weeks of looking at this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition can’t erase.

If you are looking at taking some revenge on some “droppy drawer”  wearers then check out Plumber Crack for iOS. It’s a free game built from the same idea as Office Jerk, another popular game for iOS. It has some mild violence and is rated 9 and above. This free game will allow you to make a small donation to the “Suspender Awareness for Skilled Tradesman Foundation” which is a very worthy cause. Please give generously. LOL

Grab it for yourself from iTunes or CLICK HERE

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