Coming off the heels of Doug Simmon’s finding that Google Maps is misdirecting people at major tourist attractions, it now seems as though when you use Google Translate it is misdirecting people as well. In this case, it added an “A” to the end of the processor leading the entire web to think it’s a 1.3ghz chip and not a 1ghz chip. The original material was in Polish so needed to be translated. Here’s the translation as Google sees it:


See what I highlighted? That’s the lie. Let’s Bing it:


Yup- no rogue ‘A’ at all. And that ‘A’ is the difference between a 1ghz chip and a 1.3ghz chip. You guys just keep putting your trust in Google…just keep it away from me. And don’t tell me about all of the things that Google does – doing them wrong doesn’t count.

By the way, in the original text the ‘A’ is a comma so Goog converted a comma into an A.


  1. Wow MobilityDigest just blew the lid off of Google Translate supposedly being pretty damn good. Not the case! Screwed up a letter on chip specs costing the reader a good 300MHz. Très uncool. Appreciate the anecdote David K!

    Too bad Google’s the only game in town for over twice as many languages than what Microsoft can handle. But hey, what does it matter, that it does all those languages if it can’t even get a chip spec translated right.

  2. Just tested this out myself. What’s further interesting is that Google’s auto-detect failed to identify your dump as Czech whereas Microsoft nailed it as not being Polish, though ironically the translation is easier to comprehend when you trick Microsoft into thinking it’s Polish.

    Trippy stuff, the translation biz.

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