It’s Sunday before a busy CES Show week so I thought I would share a little more of what Mobility Digest is talking about behind the scenes. One of the topics was how much data do you use. One of our Team Members had a staggering 16gb of data used with several days left in the billing cycle. This is not over WiFi either. Even though the image has his AT&T 3G Microcell and WiFi symbols turned on, he has confirmed that the majority of this data is being streamed from Hulu, Netflix, Rhapsody, and iTunes podcasts. For me it varies based on my travel schedule for work. This month was pretty low with the Holidays and how busy I was. I only streamed 750mb of data. My normal averages between 3-5gb.

So we have had some interesting discussion on this, so let’s throw this out to our readers and see what you use?

Leave a comment  with how much data you use and how you use it.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Doug Smith


  1. Don’t know. I still don’t get watching anything more than short YouTube videos on the small screen. And I tend to listen to a lot of the same music so the 5GB of saved stuff gets played more often than streaming radio. Have gotten up to 1.7GB with my new WP7 device, which is a record for me. But without tethering I can’t imagine reaching 5-6, or even 16GB in a month. You do know that most cars have radios and CD players these days. And they even make these gadgets for home use.

  2. the att mywireless app (for android/me atleast) stops counting usage at 2gb (2002.11mb) so i never know how much i actually use. att is faster than the wired connection to my house and i have the grandfathered unlimited plan from before they got rid of it, so i never use wifi.

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