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Satski Skiing App Hits Marketplace

image Just noticed that there’s a new app in Marketplace called Satski that is geared towards the skiers out there. It seems feature packed with 2D/3D contoured trail maps to get a better view of the slpes. You can also do live (gps) tracking, including seed, distance and altitude Here’s a portion of their description:

Stop to watch a replay of your route so far, analyze your stats or obtain resort info, i.e. contact a mountain restaurant directly from the Satski app or search for info on ski hire, bars, etc. Satski gives you the following statistics on your device: 1. Current speed and altitude. 2. Distance totaled (inc. distance covered on lifts as well as ski) and distance skied only. 3. Average speed totaled (inc. time spent on lifts) and average speed skied. 4. Maximum speed during the day and in within the last 5 minutes. 5. Altitude gained up and down. You have access to extra live services, which include: 1. Buddy Tracking which allows you to see where your family/friends are. Your buddy/ies will have to be using Satski and supply you with their phone ID. 2. Weather reports 3. SOS feature (emergency telephone number and your longitude and latitude co-ordinates). The application also has a camera function which geo tags your photos and integrates them into your Google Earth replay. The post PC Analytics and Replay software is called Stats Viewer, and downloadable from Stats Viewer includes replays in Ski Viewer or in 3D with Google Earth. The Analytics includes a multitude of statistical charts and graphs for more in depth analysis. Please view an example of the PC Analytics software at You can share your replay and Analytics with friends and family by emailing them a file directly from the Stats Viewer software. All major ski resorts worldwide. Satski geo plots every map individually so please be patient if your map is not available yet or please contact us to submit a request.


  • Ski GPS colour trail map
  • Real-time navigation, tracking and stats
  • Stop to replay route, analyze stats, geo-tag photos
  • Live Services: Buddy Tracking, Weather, SOS etc
  • Post PC Analytics/Replays: Ski Viewer & 3D Google Earth The app is $18.99 in Marketplace BUT if you go to their website there’s a free version with the following features:
  • a worldwide selection of ski maps
  • resort information, ie restaurants, ski hire etc
  • points of interest pop ups on the map
  • emergency feature

    If you’re into skiing this seems like a pretty feature packed app. I’m not into skiing (too much falling involved for me) but if you try it out share your thoughts.

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