This one will definitely be of use for many of you;

How many times did you watch a nice video in youtube that you wished you could download and view while offline?



You just said none because you wanted to ruin my point.

Anyways, Most of the common people I know wished they could have a way to download their favorite videos to their device.

GetyTV will do it for you! For free! GetyTV enables downloading of videos to your windows mobile phone.

Sure the UI looks a bit crapy, but the point of this application is not being fancy. And remember, it’s a freeware, and I believe it might become one of the essentials windows mobile tools.

(I just love Windows Mobile for all the cool free tools it brings… no $1.99 required here, people are still developing for the sake of the community).

Download GetyTV


  1. Hi! I have problems using it on my tilt, any help will be appreciate! How do I use this program? Thanks!

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