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First Generation iPhone sells for 39K at Auction

Before you start searching all your old tech boxes and drawers the odds of you having an original, unopened, and sealed new 2007 iPhone are probably nil. But some lucky original owner of the first iPhone just grabbed over 39K at auction! Bidding started at $2500 and clearly, things got out of hand. I remember back in those days when the iPhone came out we were still modding Windows Mobile and snubbing iPhone owners because they could not do anything with their limited iPhone. it wasn’t until the “jailbreak” software came out that you could actually get anything done with it. But we are sure many new iPhone users at the time still thought the whole experience was “Magical”. Fast forward to 2022 ad the iPhone dominates the mobile market and is quite refined. So if you have a 2007 first gen iPhone brand new in the unopened and sealed box you could possibly net 65 times more than the $599 you originally spent for it and net yourself quite a return on your investment. So how much old tech do you have in your closet that could be worth something? Might want to start digging.