My commute to work would be unbearable were it not for the Howard Stern show. It’s just about the only thing that keeps my head from exploding, as I sit in pointless traffic every morning. So, the news of Stern’s much-ballyhooed contract renewal more than justifies my keeping my subscription current with Sirius XM. Details of the new five-year extension are pretty scarce, as Stern was tight-lipped about specifics when he made the announcement on his show this morning, but one clincher is that the Stern show will now be available on mobile devices. Up until now, Sirius XM’s mobile app has been a neutered, borderline useless marketing ploy. Not having mobile access to the premium content that I pay for has been more than a little frustrating. So, not only will I have five more years of radio debauchery to help me cope with my morning dread, I will also be able to sneak in segments of the Stern show that I always missed once I got to work.


  1. Are you sure the lack of mobile delivery was a marketing ploy? (If so, to what end?) It looked to me more like a restriction in the contract, or perhaps some disagreement over who gets what royalties for mobile content delivery. That would explain why, with the new contract, it all got sorted out.

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