Get yourself, and $2.99 to the Apple App store and download this gem.  The application is silky smooth and displays the full desktop version of any website.  It will convert flash videos into an HTML5 version that the iPhone’s built in video app can handle.

The video alert feature works very well and is able to detect flash videos on the page you’re viewing very well.  There are many other features which are, at first glance, very powerful.  I’m going to use the browser for a couple days and will make my comments on it in due time.

Get it at the App Store

EDIT!  The app is sold out!  Skyfire became the #1 grossing app on the app store within only 5 hours of its release.  This has led to degraded performance on the servers, and Skyfire pulled the app in order for them to catch up to the demand.  Just goes to show how many people have been waiting for this release.

Link to the Blog with their statement

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  1. Looks like they have already pulled Skyfire from the app store due to to many downloads! Sounds like it may have overloaded their servers. Glad I got it already…

  2. No problem, just happy I got it. So far it’s performing reasonably well, for a first run, and considering the server issues. I expect that with the amount of downloads and the income generated during the first 5 hours after launch that they will quickly be able to justify the cost to increase capacity in their equipment.

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