Can you say HTC Touch HD PRO! Since the dawn of the HTC Touch HD, Us slide out keyboard freaks have been dreaming of the possibility of a PRO version to the Touch HD. And it looks like 2009 will see it happen! First, Arlen over at got the goods on the whole HTC 2009 OEM Product List and made it public. There are a ton of devices coming down the pipes to get your mouth watering, but clearly, one stands out from the pack! Called Rhodium, this five rows of slide out QWERTY Keyboard bad boy looks to have the screen we all know and love from the Touch HD. HTC looks to make the Rhodium goodness available to some carriers as well calling their version the Tungsten. (Pictures after the break)

All this HTC goodness by PPCGeeks came to us via

As you can see, HTC is not sitting back on their heels after a tremendous 2008 in sales and device releases.

Here is the complete lineup:

  • Whitestone W
  • Magnet (Iolite II)
  • Jasper C (for Sprint)
  • Firestone
  • Beryl (Jade 2)
  • Twin (CDMA + GSM)
  • Willow W
  • Thoth (Athena 2)
  • Sapphire (VF)
  • Saphire 2.0 (TMO)
  • Sapphire 1.5 (DCM)
  • Memphis
  • Hero (Android Hero)
  • Tungsten W (Sprint)
  • Rhodium
  • Rhodium W (VZW)
  • Topaz
  • Topaz (AT&T)
  • Topaz C
  • Tungsten (TMO, TMUS)
  • Barium (AT&T)
  • Cedar W
  • Iolite
  • Maple (3G Excalibure)
  • Citrine

There is even a handful of Android devices towards the bottom for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned and we will continue to break down the 2009 HTC Lineup of Devices!


  1. Shame on you, your form factor prejudices are showing through, I on the other hand am looking forward to seeing the spec on the Toth(Athena 2)

  2. They sure are aren’t they! If my own admission isn’t enough, there is always Tilt Mobility and Fuze Mobility (dot com) to validate it! But there are some great devices out from BlackBerry and the Palm Treo Pro that grab my attention. I just wrote about the MIO MID and the Palm Pre and think that they will also be pretty good devices. So even though I like a slide out keyboard, I am open minded to all devices. Hence this site. :) Hopefully the new theme will be done soon and we can officially launch PPC Mobility!

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