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The Bing App Goes In Browser

Ramon was showing off this screenshot this morning after going to on his WM device. Take a look at it and you’ll see that it has the current Bing wallpaper and essentially all of the tools that we’re used to seeing in the Bing app. But that’s just the beginning. A recent upgrade to really does have a lot of the features that the app has, like the ability to search movies, add multiple events to your favorites and email them to contacts. You can see search results on a map that you can pan around, view the weather, get directions, etc. It’s actually pretty neat. Why go for the in-browser version over the app? No idea:) OK I guess it’s easier for MS to have one browser experience since that’s cross-platform rather than deal with each OS one by one. You do lose gps support though and that’s a biggie I think. Anyway, MS has a video and you’ll notice that it’s actually an Android device being shown off. I’ve tested this on my HD2 and going to in Opera 10, Opera mini, IE and Skyfire all go to the old site. Opera 9.7 works…odd, right? Guess they want us to use the app;) Anyway, check out this video. I’s actually pretty nice considering it’s just a web experience:

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Give it a try and share your device/experience with the audience.

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